Matcha Tea Recipes

Enjoy Matcha In A Different Way

image1There are thousands of varieties of tea. Just as many teas are out there, there are an equal or greater number of ways to consume it. You will find plenty of different tea recipes at Matcha Tea Recipes. Even you can prepare tea in different ways.

Here are some recipes for Matcha. The trick to preparing a ceremonial style Matcha green tea is to preheat the cup or bowl and then to add tea powder and whisk to perfection before adding the remaining water. Never use boiling water. Do use hot water.

  • Pre-warm your cup or bowl with hot water.
  • Put 1 pouch or 1 tsp (2.5 grams) Matcha into a cup.
  • Add 2 ounces of hot water and stir with a whisk or milk frother until well whisked.
  • Pour 4-5 oz of hot water into your favorite Matcha bowl or teacup.
  • Whisk again to perfection.
  • Enjoy quietly.

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte Blend a chilled Matcha green tea latte using a classic martini shaker. 

  • Add 2 tsp Matcha into a martini shaker
  • Add 2 oz hot water or milk and stir until Matcha becomes smooth
  • Fill shaker with 1 cup ice
  • Add 6 oz milk – cow, hemp, almond, soy or rice
  • Shake well to blend green tea powder with milk
  • Strain your chilled green tea latte over a tall glass with fresh ice

Adjust quantities to your personal taste. We are creating a new tradition here. There are no hard rules. Some people may prefer more milk and more tea or vice versa.